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Welcome to the LIS ChickpeaMine!

This mine integrates data for chickpea varieties desi and kabuli. It is developed by LIS/NCGR, built from the LIS chado database and the Chickpea Transcriptome Atlas - I. Contact Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr dot org.

ChickpeaMine v0.3

ChickpeaMine contains two genomes from LIS: chickpea desi, version ICC 4958 v2.0; and chickpea kabuli, version CDC Frontier v1.0. They are treated as separate InterMine organisms, with NCBI Taxon ID 3827 but differentiated by the Organism.variety field. Desi gene names start with ICC4958, for example ICC4958.Ca_00001. Kabuli gene names start with CDCFrontier, for example CDCFrontier.Ca_00002. This mine contains desi ICC4958 expression from the Chickpea Transcriptome Atlas - I. Those mRNA reads were mapped to the ICC4958 genome and quantified by LIS staff; see for more information.