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CowpeaMine integrates genomic and genetic data for cowpea, Vigna unguiculata, mostly from the UC-Riverside group.
It is built from the LIS tripal.chado database as well as data from publications. Contact Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr dot org.

Data from the recently published MAGIC eight-parent mapping experiment have been added

  • We've added the recent MAGIC eight-parent mapping population data soon to appear in The Plant Journal. This map uses eight lines in a balanced way to reveal QTLs for distinct traits; the paper presents QTLs for flowering time, growth habit, maturity and seed size with different day lengths and irrigation levels. We've added a description attribute to MappingPopulation to provide a bit more information. Search for "MAGIC" and check it out!
  • We've switched to the newer Javascript style inline lists on report pages, which supports ordering, saving to lists and such.