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CowpeaMine integrates genomic and genetic data for cowpea, Vigna unguiculata, mostly from the UC-Riverside group.
It is built from the LIS tripal.chado database as well as data from publications. Contact Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr dot org.

A new mapping experiment and some other new QTLs have been added.

  • We've added the recent MAGIC eight-parent mapping population data soon to appear in The Plant Journal. This map uses eight lines in a balanced way to reveal QTLs for distinct traits; the paper presents QTLs for flowering time, growth habit, maturity and seed size with different day lengths and irrigation levels. We've added a description attribute to MappingPopulation to provide a bit more information. Search for "MAGIC" and check it out!
  • We've also added the QTLs from an upcoming paper on domestication-related traits (DRTs), currently in preprint form on bioRxiv. A search for "100 seeds weight" will reveal a few!
  • We've switched to the newer Javascript style inline lists on report pages, which supports ordering, saving to lists and such.