Java Web Service Client

The Java web service client library makes it easy to run queries in MedicMine directly from Java programs. You can use this libray to construct any query you could run from web interface and fetch the results in as either tables of values, or JSON data structures.
Like all our code, these client libraries are open-source, licensed under the LGPL. For information on the API visit our wiki pages, and for Javadoc please visit the API documentation.

  • Get the library




    compile 'org.intermine:intermine-ws-java:3.0.+'

  • Getting Started

    You can get example Java web service API code either from a Template Query or the QueryBuilder:
    • From the QueryBuilder - after creating or editing a query, click the "Java" link in the Actions section below the query details.
    • From a Template Query form - click the "Java" link below the template form.
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