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Welcome to the LIS Soymine!

This mine integrates many types of data for soybean. It is currently under development by LIS/LegFed/NCGR as a demo built from the LIS chado database (genomic data) and the SoyBase database (genetic data). Contact Sam Hokin shokin at ncgr dot org.

Latest updates (v0.9, July 2018)

  • Phyotome gene families have been replaced by the new LIS gene families.
  • We've added some GWAS-derived QTLs from SoyBase. More to come.
  • Genes (rather than proteins) are now associated with Gramene Plant Reactome species-specific pathways. Look for the external link to the Gramene page on the Pathway pages.
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    Access our SoyMine data via our Application Programming Interface (API) too! We provide client libraries in the following languages: