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Category: Strain
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Name: ICC 4958
Organism: Cicer arietinum
Description: Chickpea variety ICC 4958 is a desi type chickpea (dark-seeded). The genome has been sequenced: Parween, S et al., 2015 (DOI:10.1038/srep12806)
Name: CDC Frontier
Organism: Cicer arietinum
Description: Chickpea variety CDC Frontier is a kabuli type chickpea (light-seeded), selected as a variety in Canada. The genome has been sequenced: Varshney et al., 2013 (DOI:10.1038/nbt.2491)
Name: Miyakojima
Organism: Lotus japonicus
Description: Lotus japonicus ecotype Miyakojima (MG-20) was identified as an early-flowering accession, with traits that distinguish it from other Japanese accessions: low concentrations of anthocyanin in the stem and petals, few trichomes, a more upright habit, broad leaflets and petals, and large black seeds (Pajuelo and Stougaard, 2005, in: A.J. Marquez (ed.), Lotus japonicus Hadbook, pp. 3-24).
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